Quality Assurance

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100% cotton materials are used to give you the softness and comfort you need.


Our materials are lab tested for color bleeding and color fastness, which means they are guaranteed to last over 50 washes.


Non-hazardous Azo free dyes are used which are in line with the EU & US Standards.


All fabrics are treated with Silicon wash to add durability and softness to the garments. So no tears, no pilling effects, and no dimensional instability of the fabric.

Go Green

• Our fabric goes through an Enzyme wash process which is 100% natural and bio-degradable to enhance the softness and feel of the product.


• By adding a chemical finish that contains hydrophilic molecules, our fabrics go through a regular wicking process. After being treated the additive attaches to the surface of the yarn and makes the yarn hydrophilic.